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Posted 5/21/99

I have found and fallen in love with my country single, Steve found me on your list. We will be married June 12, and we plan to grow old together.  so another success story!!!  
Thanks to you my search has ended.

Ann Christensen

I have found someone through your web site.  She lives a ways away from me.  I can hardly believe that I have found someone like her.  She is heavenly.  I am ending my search.  Please remove my profile and GOD BLESS you!


Sent 4/6/99

Dear Countrysingles Online,

Thanks to you and the grace of God I have found someone that I believe God sent me. I do not know the long-term outcome for as we know God is the only one that sees the beginning to the end, but this man has been such a blessing. In him I have found sincerity, honesty, love of God and family, and I feel him reach out and touch my heart and mind. He is very handsome
inside and out, please cancel my membership.

Thanks again Country Singles.
Sent 4/3/99

Hey could you take my add off the list , cause I've found a person through it and things are goin very well , and im moving to kentucky in may to be with her, so thanks and see you on the trail of sucsess, and thanks for every thing ,

Sent April 2, 1999


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