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Happy Endings...

Posted 11/9/09

I would like to Thank CSO for allowing me to meet my finace on your website! We would both like to have our profiles removed from the website!! My profile name is Cowgirl728 & my Finance's name is FARMERMAT6008. We will be getting married next year 10/09/10!!
  Thank you again
  Sarah Sytsema & Matt Lanckton

Posted 10/2/09

Please delete my profile, I've found someone. Thanks!

Posted 10/2/09

Delete my profile, I found someone!! Yahoo!

Posted 10/1/09

Thanks for the site. I've found someone. Please delete my profile.

Posted 9/12/09

Delete Profile. I'm hitched.

Posted 8/22/09

Thanks for a wonderful site. Please delete my profile. I'm happily comitted!

Posted 7/20/09

I'm ending my membership. I've found someone! Thanks,

Posted 7/16/09

I am no longer in need of your services. Thanks!

Posted 7/9/09

Fun site! Delete my membership I've found someone.

Posted 8/31/04

  I wrote you a almost two years ago. Wanted to give you the update.
  Mike and I have been married a year and a half, and couldn't be happier,
  WE thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you we would have never 
  There is a soulmate out there for ya'll,we are proof ,we met ours. Thanks to

                    Thanks again,
                          Brandy and Mike


Posted 6/16/04

Dear CSO Staff,

I t is with the utmost joy that I write to you : )! This letter is to inform you that Giddyup and GeorgeTwin have found each other through membership to your website. Monica (Giddyup) joined CSO a little over a year ago, I had been a member since September of 2000. We both send you our heartfelt thanks & gratitude. Without your website we NEVER, E-E-E-EVER would have found each other. She is everything I ever wanted in a woman and with your help, “Out of the Blue Clear Sky”, there she was! I am forever in your debt and know I can never repay you. I also thank you for all the friends I have made through CSO, LetrBuckMoo, FordGirl, Legend, QtCountryFun, NeedSun and CowGirlNurse. To all prospective members we recommend this website VERY highly, PATIENCE AND PERSEVERENCE WILL PAY OFF :)!. To all current members, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you all find the happiness we have found!

Thank You CSO and God Bless You : )!,

Georgetwin and GiddyUp
(Pictures will be forth coming.)

Posted 3/16/04

I met somebody wonderful through your web site

Posted 3/16/04

I have a " success story " for you ----------  just wanted to share.  Terry and I met on your website last January, then we met in person (he flew to FL to meet me in person from California). We hit it off immediately and to make a long story short, we were married on Valentine ' s Day last month.  The " Rocknkcowboy " and " ShepardMom " tied the knot in a western wedding in St. Cloud, FL.   There was a lot of flying back and forth, then moving across the country with a truck and a U-Haul and changing of jobs and relocating of lives, but the ending is a very happy one. 

Here ' s a pic for ya ' ll.  If you want more info, let me know, but thought we should officially say " thank you. "   This really does work.

Posted 2/12/04

Dear CSO-
Thank you for informing me about my account, however, as I met a
wonderful man on your website just a year ago, I really am not longer
in need of your services.
Thanks again for everything!


Posted 2/12/04

Thanks for the memos , but I have taken a gal from your site and we have been dating for a couple months now. !!
She was Alberta Country & Smart country gal on your site . Thank you for your service , i'll pass this site on to others.


Posted 2/08/04

I met someone on cso, Milkman and I have decided to get married on May 15, 2004.  I thank you for the opportunity for being a member.  You helped my dreams come true.

Cindy Young

Posted 2/08/04

Please remove me from your site. I am getting married on Valentines Day to a wonderful man that I met on your site. Thanks so much, A.

Posted 1/31/04

Dear CSO, I would like to just say thank you.  I had given up with all these online dating sites and just happened to see your ad and figured, one more try. I saw one single profile that I just had to contact and so I did. We e-mailed, we spoke on the phone and though we were 1500 miles apart, we met in person after a few month.  We have been married now for 1 year 5 months.   Cowboy 38 is my whole world.
Thanks again. Dustirose and Cowboy 38 Joanne and Kevin Lapica

Posted 8/23/03


About two years ago I joined CSO  because I wasn't finding the person I was looking for in the traditional places.  Amy and I began corresponding by e-mail, then phone conversations. We agreed to meet after a few months of getting to know each other online.   It was right from the start, something we both had been looking for.  We were married six months after our first introductory e-mails.   We recently celebrated our one year anniversary and we are convinced this was something meant to be.   We both took some criticism from friends and family for doing online single searching.   This was a second marriage for both of us and we  knew from experience that if two people do not share common interests, being together can get difficult.  Meeting someone online is a great way of getting to know someone and discussing important issues before your heart gets wrapped  up.  Amy and I discussed things that were important for each of us that probably would have never been brought up at the typical dinner date.   I travel with my horses to Wyoming where Amy is from every summer.    Our paths did not cross until CSO.   Home now is in Minnesota and in several years we will retire to Wyoming.  Thanks CSO for being the tool that the good Lord used to bring us together.   

Cowboynorth and Countrybumkin

Posted 8/4/03

Dear C.S.O 

Please remove me mikestime, from you file. I have a very great lady that I am going to marry. I did meet her on your site. Thank You very much.

Sent in 8/2/03

Posted 8/4/03

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your  wonderful  service and for giving me the possibility of meeting my very special someone.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I have you to thank for it!

Sent in 8/1/03

Posted 8/4/03

I've found my cowboy here & no longer need to keep my profile online.  Please remove it & my file. thank you for allowing us to meet, fall in love. wouldn't have believed it possible if it hadn't happened to me. will let you know if wedding bells chime.  thank you again.

Sent in  7/12/03

Posted 4/26/03

CSO Staff"

Please remove me from your site.

 I have met a great guy and have no interest in being with anyone else.

I met this man immediately after signing up, I never even got the chance to place my picture on the website. He's just what the doctor ordered. I must say he is quite the guy.
I was told by several people not to place my picture right away and see what you come up with. Mark responded to me right away and not real pushy about getting a picture. I was intrigued with this, and knowing our interests were identical. He was pretty blown away when we met since he couldn't believe I
was what his doctor ordered. I love surprises even when the other person gets the surprise.
Well Wish us the best,,,, I expect a great summer riding horses, pumping iron together as well as many other adventures. Were crazy about each other and having a great time.

P.S. I took a lot static from people signing up on this. They just couldn't understand why me of all people would need this. I guess they think attractive people should always have it all. Great people are not always easy to come across.
 I explained, This is for the Go Getter's out there who know what they want and are gonna go after it, not waiting for that person to fall out of the sky onto their lap. I think my friends are surprised at this too!
I wish everyone with Country Singles great Success and Happiness in your search for that great partner!!!

Thanks a bunch,

Dances with Horses
Sent in 4/25/03

Posted 4/26/03

Good morning,

I would like to have my membership to CSO canceled. I met a woman on your sight....and it turned out wonderfully. We were married on horseback in December in the mountains in Colorado.  Thank you for a great opportunity.

Sent in 4/17/03

Posted 4/15/03

Dear CSO  I would like to thank you for an absolutely wonderful web site.  I have met the woman of my dreams and we are very happy.  If it wasn't for your web site I would have never met her.  I am wyorob and she is sadlmupinwy.  We are very happy and I proposed to her and she said yes.  We have recommended your site to all of our friends.  Thank You.

Sent 4/14/02

Posted 4/10/03

I have met a gentleman on your search and I would like to resign.  Please let me know what I must do in order to resign my membership.  Thank you so much, he is very special.  Look forward to hearing from you.

~Happy Member
Sent in  4/1/03

Posted 4/10/03

I would like to know if it is possible to remove my subscription from CSO. It is not that I am not pleased with your site…no not at all…I believe that I just might have found that special person and in just a matter of weeks being on here. Thanks for all.

Sent 3/30/03

Posted 4/10/03

Dear Friends & Country Singles On-Line,

My husband and I met on your website when we were
single back in 1999 and have been happily married
since May 12, 2001.  Now we are expecting our first
baby July 3rd! Thanks again for everything!!!!

Anne Mary & Rick:)
Sent  3/25/03

Posted 3/15/03

Country Singles,

I'm no longer in need of your service.  Please cancel my subscription to Country Singles.  I've found the love of my life.  Actually, she found me thanks to you!  Thank you!!



Posted 2/27/03

Thank-you CSO for your help in finding the perfect man for me. I started to talk to Rooster the end of November and then on the phone December 19, 2002. We spent many hours talking, long distance, about our hopes, dreams and goals in life. Febuary 13, 2003, I flew down to meet him and it was love at first sight for us both. On the fourteenth, Jeff gave me a ring and we are getting the paper work done so we can be married. I live in Canada and Jeff lives in Illinois. I would very much like to cancel my membership. Thank you again.

Countryheart and Rooster 
(Sent 2/24/03)

Posted 2/27/03

Thank you for the opportunity to use you're service.  I was a member back in February 2002, through your service I had contact with someone very special (txbullrdr).  There is a wonderful reason why I am writing this letter now.  If it was not for CSO I would not have had the opportunity to meet the guy that captured my heart.  I met this guy from you're site and things are still going great for us.  We are planning a future together...hopes of marriage are in the making (2004).  Real cowboys are a dying breed and I found one of the few honest and caring guys left.

Without you're service this wouldn't have been possible.  Opportunity's and Options in meeting someone else with the same goals is next to impossible, especially the older you become.  Thanks again for making my dream become reality.  I spread the word around and promote your site to anyone who is looking for that someone special in their life.

Thanks so much,
(Sent 2/24/03)

Posted 2/27/03

Just wanted to tell you that I married a girl that I met on CountrySingles on February 9 here at my farm on horseback in FLorida.  She can't remember what  name she went under, maybe Kulaka.   We met last December a year ago.  Thank you for a happy ending.  
C. Ligon
Sent 2/14/03)

Posted 1/8/03

Thanks for your wonderful country singles network!  I have met many terrific people through it.  And, I have met that "special" person!  I no longer have a need for my membership.  Please remove me from your database, and thank you for being the one responsible for bringing this wonderful person into my life!


Posted 1/7/03

Thanks to your service, I have found the girl of my dreams.  I have waited a very long time for this special lady and now that I have found her I will not be needing your services any longer.  Please remove me from your "Available" listings.  My user name is "dustyboots" and my email address is.  Thank you so very much for the services you provide.  Without these services my cowgirl and I may not have ever met.

Best Regards,

Posted 1/7/03

Thank you for the opportunity to use you're service. Through you're sevice I meet several gals and made several new friends all over the USA.
There is a great reason that I am writing this letter. If it was not for CSO I would not have had the opportunity to meet the gal that has captured my heart. I met a gal from you're site and things are really going well, and I hope they do in the future.
Real county gals are a dying breed and I have found one of the few honest and caring gals left.
Without your'e service this would not have been possible. The opportunity and options in meeting someone else with the same mind set and goals is next to impossible, especially the older you get.
Thanks again and I will promote you're site in the future to anyone that is seriously looking for that special person in thier life.


Thanks again Rbkccowboy

Posted 12/9/02

I just wanted to send a "Thank You" to you all.  Last year around this time (December) I joined CSO thinking that I'd give it a shot.  I met a guy who lived only 30 minutes from me.  We've been dating ever since and he has since gotten a job that has taken him about 2 hours away from me.  I never thought I'd find someone who I'd love enough to move away from my family & friends, but I have.  (Two hours isn't too far to drive home).  We are getting married in October of 2003.  Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.   Thanks so much, Amy

Posted 9/21/02

Dear CSO,
 My name is IAMJUSTME and my CSO Fiance (yes you read it right) is HuntingandRiding. We have found our soulmates becuz of CSO.And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
 Mike lives in New Mexico and i in Texas,the distance thingie is working out becuz we both are willing to make it work. Not that it is easy,but like MIke says its not good-bye,its look what we have to look forward to in the future. And how right he is.
 If you would cancel our memeberships,becuz they are no longer nessasary,we would appreciate it. I would never have imagined an internet service would ever work,but we are proof of it.And again we thank you .


Posted 8/17/02


i've been a subscriber for nearly a year and i've had contact with some really nice people.  in early march i was contacted by someone really special (saddleman49).  long story short, we recognized very early that we had great potential as a couple and  have communicated in one way or another every day since then (there are 2,000 between us).  after we met, we decided that life apart from each other was no longer an option. 

of course, i've told anybody who will listen about countrysinglesonline.  thanks to you, my dreams are definitely coming true!

shelley marie (funcowgirl7)

Posted 8/15/02

Just a little thank you!

Just when I thought no one would ever come my way, God dropped the perfect man in my lap for the keeping!  Miliron!  And he is just a few miles from my home...  He had just signed up for the service and I emailed him.  The next nite we went to dinner and since then we have been wrapped up in fencin', cows, and completely each other!  God gave me my heart's desire, because this man fills the secret wishes that were in my heart, and I know that I fulfill his also.  I have met many wonderful men from this service, but this one is like no other for me.  Thank you for the service provided here, it was a wonderful experience to try it. 

God bless!

Posted 7/5/02

Dear CSO:

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my one true love!! I seen your site in the Western Horseman and so back in May i decided to put up a profile. I figured, what do i have to lose. Within two weeks i recevied an email from a very special, God sent person. He lives in Oklahoma and i live in Indiana. Over the past months we have talked on the phone everyday and talked through email. And we also have had out shares of flights, flying back and forth to see each other! But from the moment i stepped off the the plane and seen him, something told me that this is where me and my heart belong, and that is with him -- forever! Everything is going so good!! Its like a dream come true! Well, to make a long story short, in September i will be moving to Oklahoma to start my new life with the person i love!! My prayers have been answered! I thank you again so very much!!


Posted 6/22/02

Dear CSO,
I am almost too excited to even tell this amazing tale, but I found my perfect, I mean PERFECT mate, on my first day on your wonderful site.
I have been pursuing my Commercial Drivers License for almost 6 months, looking into schools and setteling some important business contracts here in southern California. I met, not only a beautiful spiritual and very intelligent man, but one of the FINEST and most reputable Truck driving trainers in the NATION! We are
going to go on a road trip together at the end of July!
He and I are both just amazed at the syncronicity of it all. And besides that he is absolutely drop dead handsome and I'm kinda cute myself! So I really don't want to renew at this time, we are both really enjoying getting to know each other by e-mail and phone. And we have a realistic expectation, that we will like each other in person as much as we do in conversation!
I am just delighted beyond words, and Thank you all so very much for puttingtogether a beautiful way to be specific as far as what a person is reallylooking for in a sweetheart!
Congratulations CSO for a fine job!

Posted 5/21/02

Hello, I really appreciate all that you have done for
me. But I no longer need your services. I have found
the wild and crazy southern man of my dreams! He did
exactly what I had specified I wanted someone to do in
my profile, he swept me entirely off my feet! He
proposed to me over the weekend and well, I said yes!
We are planning the marriage for next summer and all
four of our "kids" will be in it!... Thank you SO much
for all you have done, and who know's perhaps pictures

Kimbees (Kimberly)

Posted 5/20/02

To all the CSO Staff.

A short note to say thank you all.

Living in southwestern Colorado,been divorced for 17 years and searching for my loving  mate,I joined your website last Jan. with in 2 weeks ,made connection with the southern belle in south Carolina,we will become engaged over memorial weekend when she and her sweet little 9 year old daughter come west for vacation,then plan to marry ASAP after that.

Thank you all ,for us to find the loves of our lives.

mountain man



Posted 3/16/02

Dear CSO Staff,

I  wanted to let you know that dreams do come true.  I had signed up for your service quiet some time ago, during that time I had made some new friends.

I had pretty much given up "meeting" anyone.  And said a little prayer, "Lord if you have someone in mind, your going to have to deliver him here".  Well I live in a pretty isolated and rural area..  So I didn't figure that would ever happen, hence I gave up.
One day, one of the new friends I met from your service, that I had continued to correspond with for almost a year, via telephone and email, decided he wanted to meet me. And with the Stock Show going on, seemed like a good time for a visit. 

I had never even given a thought to "more" could come of this. 

Well,, Dreams Come True and Prayers are answered.. Delivered to my door, was the "Cowboy"  man of my dreams.. I took one look into his eyes, and "knew" we were meant to be together!! 

So you can add this happy ending to your list of ever so thankful patrons! 

Thank You!!

"Starlight Cowgirl", and "Roper4xr"

Posted 2/26/02

Please enjoy our latest wedding pictures from Dusty4u and Aussiecowboy

"Thank you again for making this a fairtale come true."
Rob and Dusty

Posted 11/17/01


This heart has been taken.  This  email is to inform  you that  on Nov. 8  Notabrat and  Shadow  were married  thanks to this  service .  I   really didnt think that my angel existed  but I  now know different , she  is  everything I had  hoped  for and more .
To everyone  on this  service  I wish you the best .
Shadow  and  Notabrat in Utah .

Posted 10/20/01


  This is the Aussie cowboy here I just needed to tell you good people that I met a real live angel on CSO and she has come all the way to Australia to be with me . Her handle was Dusty4u and we are now husband and wife. She is the one that dreams are made of and we have that dream, We met in June this year and fell in love over the phone and internet and I must have said something nice for her to pack up and follow her dreams. We have now started our life together and I know we will be together forever.

Thank you again,
Rob & Dusty
From Australia


Posted 10/01/01   

Just wanted to thank you for your site.  With God's guidance, my husband found me in February and we got married shortly after.  We've been married for 6 months and are 3 months pregnant :O)

Thanks again for being out there.  Here's our picture.

Kari (txscntrygal) & Johnny Martin

Posted 10/01/01

Just wanted to let ya know that we won't be needin' your service anymore. But, we want to take the time to thank you and the BIG MAN above for helpin' us come together. Nancy and I are plannin  to be married Dec. 15 2001.We both were not on CSO long,but as we all know GOD works in HIS time and not ours. GOD bless what you are doin' because we are both very happy. And GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NanTx9 & Plainscowboy

Posted 10/01/01

Please cancel my membership as I have found that special someone and he has found me!!  We are getting married in December !! Glad I joined for a short time! 

Thanks. Nancy Craik

Posted 9/6/01

Dear CSO    
I won't be resubscribing I have met cntrygrl. I just wanted to say thanks for your services. WE are going to get married. Things are so great couldn't have done it with out you guys. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!     


Posted 9/6/01

Please cancel my membership.  I've had lots of fun with this website but now have met someone with whom I may have a future.  And yes, I did "meet" him through CSO.  Many thank yous.


Posted 8/18/01

Please remove my profile as I no longer  require your assistance....I have found my "dreamgirl" thanks to your site. Regards, 

Posted 8/14/01

Dear CSO,    I would like to let you know that I will no longer be needing you services, and would like to tip my hat to you and give you a big cowboy thank you. Thanks to your services, I have met a lady that I could never have dreamed of meeting. In my opinion, she is the best woman that has ever walked the face of the earth. In just a few days she is moving to Colorado so that we can begin a life together. Which none of this could have happened without you. Thank you once again, and I only hope that everyone using CSO can be as lucky as I. Thank You, "Buckaroo"  Cody

Posted 8/13/01

Never in my wildest dreams, did I think I would meet someone online.  Well "dreams do come true!  When Divory9 emailed me, I never imagined I would be flying to Texas to meet Jeff and his family.  Your site allows people to really get to know each other first.  So please except this great big New York thank-you for helping me find my new best friend.  At your convenience,
please remove my profile from your site.  Again, thanks!!

Warmest Regards,

Denise (Lace)

Posted 8/6/01

To the folks at Country Singles Online,

Hello there ! I just wanted to let you know that I will not be resubscribing to your service, for the very best reason. I have met a very special person through your service. We have been corresponding and seeing each other for a few months now and have decided that this will be our letter of thanks to you.  Bluesky and Lavender Horse have hooked up to go riding off into the sunset together and we appreciate your help. 

Lavendar Horse
Kim Morgan

Posted 8/3/01

Dear Sir or Madam,  I would like to request that my profile (CavTrooper) be taken off CSO.  I meet a gal from Florida using your site and things have been going very good between me and Brooke.  I know my membership isn't quite up yet, but I keep getting responses from my add and I feel real bad (and not mention) tired of writing back that I have already found someone.  I have tried several internet sites the past few years, and yours is the best by far I have ever seen.  All the ladies I have talked to on the site were very nice and it sure helped this 'old' Iowa plowboy make it though my tour in Korea.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  v/r 

CPT J.C. Heinzeroth


 Posted 8/2/01

Dear Country Singles,

I'm writing in good news and much happiness in my personal life and needing my ad removed from CSO. Although I did not meet John off "Country Singles
Online" this web page has helped him find me again. I dated John 3 years ago and dated for a few months but seemed to be bad timing for us both at that time and went separate ways. He tried to locate me after a year and we chatted once or twice then not again for over a year he had thought I moved to Texas but remembered I was on this web site and saw me in Western Horseman.
He looked up my ad and went to a rodeo I was riding in 5 months ago and we have been together everyday since. This past May on Memorial weekend holiday to a rodeo in Redbluff California we were in a terrible accident nearly loosing both our lives in re-covery realized through this very tragic accident the very deep loving feelings we share for each other knowing that we
wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I never thought I would find this one of a kind romantic, passionate love but with the help of Country
Singles We will marry next spring. I thank Country singles for the wonderful people I have met.. the special friendship I have with "Ohio Girl Nancy" for Johnny in Oklahoma who is a past member and my very best friend and mostly for the one who has found me again.

Posted 8/01/01






Posted 6/27/01

Thought you might enjoy seeing a follow up pix from our wedding, May 12, 2001.  Thanks to your website, Rick and I found each other a little over two years ago and could not be happier!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Anne Mary & Rick:))

Posted 5/07/01



Dear CSO Staff, 
I  wanted to let you know that dreams do come true in their own time.  I saw Lisa on you site and at the same time I sent her a message she fired one off to me.  A week later we met and as soon as I touch her hand I knew she was what I had searched for all my life. She is a sweet angel in every way. We will be married before the end of the month.  I did not think it was possible to meet the love of your life on the computer, now I cant imagine my life without her.  

Thanks again   Roper1 and Truly country  
P.S.  I would like to thank Pat from the bottom of my heart for putting Lisa on CSO where I  could find her.

Posted 4/1/01

Dear CSO Staff,
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find the man of my dreams.  I joined CSO in January and wrote to a few people never dreaming they would write back.  On January 12, Mongo wrote back and from then on I started falling for him.  
We just met in person last week when he flew to Pennsylvania to meet me.  His stay was much too short... but we now believe in love at first sight.....or should I say love before first site.
Somehow, someway, over all of the miles between us we will make this relationship work.  I will be heading to California in May but that seems so far off.. But I can wait... He is worth it.  
Thanks to CSO I have something to wait for.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to find the man of my dreams, where I would have not met him had it not been for you.  Thank you again CSO.

Posted 3/26/01

Dear Country Singles Online;
I posted my profile only a month ago never expecting to find someone so wonderful (or so quickly)in my home state, but it happened! He has been a member since November but hadn't made that connection either. We met for the first time a week ago on his ranch in eastern Montana and it truly was love at first sight for both of us! (Except we really had gotten to know each other very well through emails and hours and hours of phone conversations.) I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find the love of my life! I guess you can remove me from your member list, because this is it!!! You may use my name and story on your "happy endings" page, and I'll send you pictures of the wedding! Again, thanks so much for providing this valuable resource. I had just about given up hope and so had he. We would never have found each other if it hadn't been for your wonderful site!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Lindy Mayfield

  Posted 12/19/00

To whom it may concern:

In March 2000 I joined Country Singles Online in hopes of meeting my soulmate. I searched the ads and found one with no photo. I liked what she wrote and how she described herself. I wrote an email. That afternoon I received a response from her! Since that time we have written more than 400 emails to each other. We have found something very special. She is the woman of my dreams! She tells me the same!

What makes this whole experience even more exciting and special is that we live more than 10,000 miles apart! She lives in Hong Kong and I live in Florida! Back in November she came to see me for two weeks! It was love at first site for me! We had a wonderful time visiting and she was there when I purchased my new home! To make our story even better....I am going to Hong
Kong January 15th for two weeks. We will be applying for a Fiancee' Visa and getting married in the fall of 2001!

Thank you Country Singles for one of the greatest gifts in my life! I now have the love of the woman of my dreams! Thank you!

Jim Burns

Posted 12/1/00

Hi CSO staff,
     We owe you a world of thanks from the both us ,and for what you are doing for all the single country folks having the desire to meet their soul mate. I(Formerly) Country 2 Stepper and a wonderful lady (Formerly) shorty, our code names through the CSO, met in April and were married in Oct. thanks to you. I had tried other singles services before but nothing materialized. The good Lord must have had other plans for us. Again our dearest thanks goes to you for all your help in helping to make our lives happy ones.

Sincerely Kevin  & Laurie Kirkelie

Our Wedding Day!
Our Wedding Day!

Posted 11/25/00

I just wanted to write and let you know that i am no longer in need of your services(Nomad).  I have found , well i should clarify that, (Darkhorse) has found me, and we couldn't imagine finding each other if it wasn't for your site, as she is in Canada and i am in Colorado.  We have been getting to know each other for the last 5 months and it seems as though we were destined to find each other, it just goes to show that love knows no borders, one just has to have his eyes open, to the real thing.  Our subscriptions have already run out, but we just wanted to thank you and let others know that it is possible to meet someone, patience, is all it takes.  
Thanks again,   
Nomad and Darkhorse                                                    

Posted 11/15/00

I met the man of my dreams and we are now married . So I no longer need your services. I never thought I would find my cowboy but I did. Thankyou so much cause I just found heaven.  Thank you Lisa 

Posted 11/7/00

Thank you for your service.  The first time I placed my ad, I met some really nice people but no one who really fit me. I decided to take one more chance at happiness and have found the man of my dreams.  We are so very happy to have met and both feel we have found our soulmate.  Thank you again.  I won't be needing my membership to Country Singles Online any more.

~ Kindacountry

Posted 11/1/00

Thanks again for the service you provide.  After 26 years of marriage and an ugly divorce I thought I would never love again.  I thought too that I would never be loved.   But...every tear and all the pain was worth going through to have Gary in my life.   I praise God for bringing us together, and I thank you for being a part of this miracle. Thank you and may God bless you richly as you continue this service.


Posted 10/28/00

Thank you so much for your service. After a year of my ad on,Tamera  and I are now engaged! Though a date isn't set yet, pending my move from CA to TX, it's pretty much final. God has really blessed our relationship. Thanks again.

David (a.k.a. Russ)

                             Posted 4/5/00

Hi and Thank you!!
Please remove my listing from your service.  I have found that special cowboy through you guys and I am so thankful.  It is the greatest way to meet someone with the same interests and ideals  All I can say is WOW.... DUANE and RAMONA are very happy they signed up.... 

Ramona and Duane

I met my fiancee thanks to your website and we now have our wedding date planned for 5/12/01.  Thanks a million!!!!!!!
Anne Mary : )
Posted 3/9/00

Success Story Picture

Dear CSO Staff,
I would like for you to take my ad off of CSO. I had a girl email me back in Nov. and we have been talking on the phone for 3 months and she came from Pennsylvania to South Texas last
week and we got along better than I would have thought.  I plan on asking her to marry me.  Thank you again for this great service you provide.

Posted 3/8/00

We are happy to announce that Realhand and Patti 2 from CSO are engaged to be married on September 23, 2000.  They have been dating for the past 8 months and even though they had a long distance relationship from Colorado to Texas, it shows you that no place is too far!  Congratulations you guys!!

Posted 3/8/00

Thank you for providing a wonderful country personal site.  I have found a special person and would like to cancel my membership.  Thanks again,


Posted 2/25/00

Dear Country Singles,

I am writing to let you know that with your help, I have found Mr. Right ! Just wanted to let you know that two more members of Country Singles have been sucessful in finding the person they have always hoped to meet. We have been E Mailing and then phoning and meeting and are very happily planning a future together. We plan on getting married in July. In our case
the many miles between us was not enough to stop us. As you can see, I will not be needing your services any more. Thank you for helping make two more people happy. We would like to also tell all of your members to hang in there, they may be as lucky as we were.
Lowlander & Jo rodeo

Posted 2/22/00

Please take my profile off the system.   I have gotten lucky on CSO and have met somebody very wonderful.  Thank you for your service and I hope others find their true love like we have.

Iowa Cowgirl
Posted 2/19/00

Please remove my ad from Country Singles... I found the man of my dreams and we are getting married on the day we met on line... May 28th. Nothing could ever be so true...

The long distance is worth the time and effort on both sides.. Since I live in Arizona and he lives in Colorado.. What love is all about...

Thanks again and please remove my ad from  this site..

Thank you!

Posted 2/9/00

Please remove me from your system as I have met and married the man of my dreams and of God's plan for me I'm sure.   Thank-you very much for your program it was fun even though I didn't meet any Cowboy there I did met a fireman with God's help.  Thanks again and keep up the good work. 

Susan Castle

Posted 2/9/00

I just wanted to tell you guys thank you for being the site that brought me and Devin together.  I had originally told you all that he would be moving to Georgia to join me in a few months, but we can't wait anymore.  He's moving next month and we are getting engaged.  Since we've met we can't seem to stand being apart.  His service in the Navy is ending in fifteen days and he already has a wonderful job lined up in Atlanta.  I've never been so happy in all my life.  I love the fact that we fell in love for all the right reasons, before ever having met face to face.  We both agree that we wouldn't change the way in which we met for the world.  We'll be married sometime this year, and will definitely be sending some photos for your gallery.  I can't thank you enough.  Country Singles has changed my life!  Thank you.    

Posted 2/4/00

Since I have joined the countrysingles, I have only wrote to one person, a norwegina guy, and we hit it off immediately! We have met last week and we are very much in love. I think it must have been destiny, that I met a guy via the countrysingles in America that also lives in Europe (which ofcourse is easier for me). I have been looking for years for my cowboy and at once I found him!
Thank you so much for you site, I wish you all the best,

Posted 1/1/00

Dear Friends,

       I just wanted to drop a few lines and inform you that I met a fellow countrysingles and we fell in love and were married last week.So if you don't mind would you please remove our names from the singles list. We thank God above and your service so much for bringing us together.Thank you
            Scottie (Buckaroo)& Jeana (LittleCuteToot38)

Posted 10/26/99

I wanted to take a moment to once again thank "Countysinglesonline" for helping me meet the man of my dreams and to let you know that after being with Rick for nine months now, we have decided to marry on the day we "met" on your website.

Rick and I have managed to get through the last nine months of a long distance relationship between New Jersey and Texas and now will only have to wait a little longer to make it final.  I cannot express how happy the both of us have been since finding each other on your site. 


Anne Mary & Rick

Posted 10/26/99

Dear Friends at Country Singles Online:
Just when I had stopped believing in love and forever, one of your ads caught my eye. The next thing I knew, this country gentleman about 100 miles from me threw me his rope, dallied off and rode away with my heart!  We never would have met if it hadn't been for Country Singles. Thanks to you I have hope again, not to mention a wonderful man to build a loving and lasting relationship with.  With this said, please remove my ad from your classifieds.  Miss Kitty has found her John Wayne!   Thanks again,  

Miss Kitty
Sent to us 9/16/1999

My name is Kevin Avery (bullbait) and I met Andrea Wimbish (boogaloo2) on the countrysinglesonline .We met on April 5th and we were married August 5th. She is from southeast Oklahoma and I am from south east Idaho. We hit it off right from the start. Thanks for giving us the opportunity for her to answer my add. We are a very happy couple.
Sent to us August 13th

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